About TheBumble Bee Montessori

To create an environment that feeds the curiosities of a child and develops a love for learning and self-growth is the vision at The BumbleBee Montessori, a child’s place to be. (Our parent company: WHITE HAT EDUTAINMENT PVT. LTD.)

The BumbleBee Montessori is a secured learning hive where our young, brilliant bees are busy and buzzing in their work and play. We truly believe that every child is uniquely brilliant. Hence, we pay attention to every child’s inner development and expression, to enhance their strengths. Our brand name resonates with the ideology of busy and hardworking bees. We steer our learners and enable them to build their own hives collectively. The indoor and outdoor setups serve as launch pads for the development of physical, mental, and social skills while creating opportunities for free play and exploration.


The Bumble Bee Montessori is now Open for Admissions for 2023-24.


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The passionately and thoughtfully designed Montessori environment reflects globally accredited teaching practices. Our integrated approach picks the most suitable teaching methodologies and blends them with our premium Montessori apparatus. The aim is to provide an enriched environment and allow learning to take place in a rhythmic manner.

Through Montessori practices we engage our children in hands-on learning. Our didactic equipment supports curiosity and awareness. Instead of a teacher directing the class towards learning goals, our Montessori adult functions as a designer of prepared environments and facilitates learning.  Apart from the development of key literacy skills like language, math, and logic, the Montessori approach grooms the child towards independence, responsibility, and social awareness. We are committed to deliver holistic development in academic and practical domains of learning.

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