Pre-School Program

About ThePre-School Environment

Our program manifests the joy of learning in students. It dives deep into the essentials of academic learning while fostering a skillset for practical living. Activities with five senses serve to refine sensorial exploration. Spatial awareness is promoted to understand the surroundings and their boundaries.

In a known and prepared environment, doors to the unknown world are opened through concepts of science, history, and geography. To imbibe a sense of teamwork and cooperation, group activities are designed thoughtfully. Our program serves as a foundation for early childhood education with improved literacy skills. The bedrock of math and logical skills is laid through our premium resources.

Elaborate vocabulary, clear speech, and progressive mathematical learning are goals rooted in the program. The yoga sessions help our little individuals harmonise their mind, body, and soul. Rhymes and songs serve as stimuli for rhythmic movements of the body. In the spotlight is our intent on teaching respectful behaviour with the use of greetings and courteous words. In the journey of achieving our goals, the essence of play holds itself in core through our well-planned outdoor activities..