Enrichment Program

About TheEnrichment Program

Your child gets a few hours alone when you are at work or running your errands. Our after-school program aims to combat the woes of our parents with limited time. But that’s not its only purpose! Our enrichment program functions as a mentor to channel every child’s potential at TBBM. We customise our after-school program to specifications that the parents are interested in, varying from language and phonics program, reading and writing enrichment, fine motor and muscle coordination, or developing independence and life skills.

The varied programs emphasise developing skills. The language-related programs provide 360- degree coverage of the child’s linguistic skills. From the basics of letter sound, letter and word families, rhymes, and story-telling, enhancement of vocabulary and language happens through multiple activities. Similarly, mathematical and logical skills are etched by bringing clarity to concepts and performing practical and sensory activities. We utilise the program to refine, fortify, and interconnect existing knowledge for long-lasting and deep-rooted learning. Our supporting team comforts the child to help them shed their inhibitions and pupate into confident and buzzing bees.