team ridhi

Ridhi Lohia,Founder

Ridhi Lohia, a certified Montessori directress from AMI, is a progressive Montessorian in its true sense. She is a graduate of St. Xaviers College, Mumbai, and also has a diploma in event management and fashion retail. A nurturer who tends to her two lovely sons, her school, and her garden, Ridhi’s life has always been buzzing. After spending a decade in Dubai, where she successfully handled a retail shop and was closely associated with the GULF Montessori Dubai, Ridhi evolved as a person. She found her true calling in teaching and being close to children.

She chose to touch young lives through her warmth and guidance and set up her own school.  The BumbleBee Montessori was founded by Ridhi with her heart set on the essence of Montessori education. She gave undivided attention to each detail of TBBM, from the blueprint to the master plan and then the execution. In the best interests of her students, she consciously developed TBBM with the best available infrastructure. TBBM has constantly benefited from her knowledge, optimism, and expertise. A caring and compassionate educator who monitors each child’s developmental needs and goals, Ridhi extends her thoughtfulness to every parent too; she attends to their concerns with empathy and strives to provide effective solutions. She believes that teachers and parents are co-partners who work together to make learning a complete process. Her belief in the development of the whole child suggests that the child’s mind, body, and soul should be in sync to shape their true personality. She aims to create a buzz in her students’ lives by imparting progressive education and developing happy and self-sufficient individuals.

Shreya Chandak.

Young and fervent, Shreya Chandak is the pillar of TBBM. A doting mother of two, Shreya’s an independent woman and plays a pivotal role in shaping TBBM. A certified AMI educator and nurturer who is passionate about adopting the best practices at TBBM. With a degree in Management Studies from Mithibai College, Mumbai, Shreya has worked as a project manager for the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Terminal 2 building, and the renowned Jio Gardens.
She is also an elementary and intermediate artist certified by the Directorate of Art, Maharashtra. A pianist trained at the London College of Music, she is an art enthusiast whose life canvas is adorned with multiple skills. Her artistic skills and her work experience give her a distinctive approach and expertise to exercise her role at TBBM. She plays to her strengths by setting defined goals and then attaining them. She aces everything from parenting tips to the fine nuances of the sector in her own unique style. Shreya strongly opines that an educational setting should primarily focus on an enabling environment that is safe and hygienic. She ensures that the leading team possesses thorough knowledge about conducting their business. Shreya backs Riddhi in her choices and decisions at TBBM. She seeks excellence and won’t settle for anything less.
Team Shreya